It can be a tough decision, deciding on whether you want to bring your pets with you when you go on vacation or leave them at home. There are pros and cons to each side really. After all, you are not going to be able to participate in certain activities if you do bring them along, but then you have the huge guilt factor of leaving them if you don’t bring them with you.

Some owners are so close with their pets that they can’t bear the thought of ever leaving them, even for a day or two to just get away. If this is the case in your life, then you are going to have to find a hotel pets allowed because in a hotel pets allowed you will be able to keep your pets in your room with you.

Fortunately there are quite a few great options that are available when it comes to a hotel pets allowed, a pet friendly hotel that you can make a reservation at, such as those mentioned here.

Staybridge: Pet Friendly Hotel

If you want to know that whatever pets you have are going to be accepted at the hotel that you are staying at, then Staybridge is one pet friendly hotel that you are definitely going to want to consider staying at while on your travels. They know that you don’t want to leave your pets at home and so they offer all the important amenities so that you and your pets can be safe and comfortable.

This hotel pets allowed, just as with any other, does have certain pet policies and guidelines that you are going to have to abide by if you want to bring your pets with you.

This includes that you can only bring pets that weigh less than 50 pounds, and you must pick up your pets and walk them in the designated walk areas and be responsible for picking up after your pet if you want them to be able to stay there.

In Harbour Towers Hotel Pets Allowed

Another great hotel pets allowed is Harbour Towers. Here they are proud to be a pet friendly hotel, and no matter what sort of pet you may have that you are bringing along with you, they are going to make sure that they are well taken care of and not put in any danger. You will have to pay a service fee to have your pet staying with you, but it will be well worth it to have them there.