There are a lot of different pet air travel tips that you could be told, but a few that are going to be especially helpful. There are going to be enough things for you to worry about when you are traveling with your pets, and why would you want to put any more on your plate? It is therefore going to be very much to your advantage to take these pet air travel tips seriously into consideration.

Whether you are looking specifically for pet air travel UK, Canada, or anywhere else in the world, here are some pet air travel tips that you are not going to want to forget.

Notify The Captain: The Best Pet Air Travel Tips

One of the best pet air travel tips is to notify the captain of your bringing a pet. So maybe you don’t have to talk right to the captain yourself and chances are that you won’t be able to anyway, but you are going to have to double check with someone onboard before getting on with your pet, to make sure that they know what sort of pet you are bringing onboard and how many you have.

Bringing a pet onboard is not something that you just do last minute and you have to plan ahead of time. The airline is going to need to make sure that everything is set and ready to go before you even head to the airport.

Feeding: The Most Important Pet Air Travel Tips

Another of the most important pet air travel tips is regarding feeding your pet. You want to make sure that you do not feed your pet for about six hours prior to air travel, otherwise their bowels are going to be full and they are not going to be comfortable. If possible you should put ice cubs in the water tray attached in their kennel, because then there will only be a little bit of water at a time and the water won’t be spilling onto them and leaving them wet and uncomfortable.

Pet Air Travel Tips: Arriving At Your Destination

Another of the pet air travel tips that you want to be aware of you need to know for when you arrive at your destination. When you do finally arrive at your destination, you want to open your pet’s carrier as soon as you are in a safe place and make sure that you examine your pet. Nothing should be wrong with them but you are just going to want to make sure that they are okay.