Being honest about the pet’s travel ability is very important while traveling with pets. Visiting a veterinarian is very important before travel.

International Pet Travel Information: Visiting A Vet

Inform the vet about the travel, traveling hours and means of transportation. If the pet is carsick or sick of traveling it is better to take proper medication. Proper vaccination should be given and health certificate should be given.

International Pet Travel Information: Secure Carrier For Pet

Properly ventilated carrier with adequate size should be given to pet. Bottom should be leak proof and should contain any absorbent material. Pet’s name, owner’s name, home and reaching point address should be written on the carrier with permanent marker. Pets should wear a safety
Collar with name, address and phone number.

International Pet Travel Information – Traveling

Clean the pet’s nail. Keep fresh water available and clean pet’s food and water bowl regularly. Never give tranquilizers without vet prescription.

International Pet Travel Information: USDA Pet Travel Information

The United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) determines air shipping of pets and compels that all pets be at the least 8 weeks old and ablactated at the least five days prior to flying in order to be shipped by air. In addition, sick, very anxious, pregnant, or aged pets should not be shipped by air.

Certain breeds admitting Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Boxer, Chow Chow, Lhasa Apso, Pekinese, Pug, and ShihTzu dogs, as well as Himalayan and Persian cats should not be shipped by air as these breeds are more hypersensitive to breathing troubles made by the thin air at height. The USDA gives international pet travel information.

International Pet Travel Information: Contacting Airline

Every airline has their own international pet travel information, conventions and ordinances, beyond the USDA international pet travel minimum requisites, regarding what kinds of pets they will ship and how they will ship them need to be discussed. Allow the airline know the anticipated weather at your place, destination, and any shifting metropolises, also the kind of pet, its size, the type and size of its aircraft carrier, weight, disposition, and wellness. Airlines may decline to transport a pet for any of these reasons.

Airlines may have any of the following shipping options for your pet: In compartment, checked luggage, or as freight.

International Pet Travel Information: When traveling by Automobile

Be sure that the pet is customary to tripping in a car. If not, try a series of short trips earlier having a long one. Feed the pet gently before starting the trip, about one third of their regular amount. International pet travel information for automobile varies with that of airline