Airway procedures, travel within the country, travel outside the country, certificates of veterinary inspection are the necessary international pet travel requirements.

The International Pet Travel Requirements: Airway Procedures

Airway Procedures is one of the most important international pet travel requirements. Dogs, cats, and most warm-blooded animals channeled by air are secured by the Animal Welfare Act. These transporting ordinances help check that animals are treated humane by airlines as well as animal traders, showers, and research labs. The following prerequisites are from APHIS:

The age of pets should be at least eight weeks old and kennel should meet standard size and shape. The kennels must allow pets to stand, sit, and breathe comfortably. It should also have leak-proof floor and absorbent material.
All animate being must own kennel. Instruction for feeding the pet should be attached to the kettle.
Airlines and State health functionaries in general require health certificates for all animals being channeled by air.
Health certificates must be made out by a licensed vet who tests the animal within ten days of transport.

The International Pet Travel Requirements: Bringing Pets From Outside Country

One of the most important international pet travel requirement is the health certificate which should be ken not more than 30 days prior of entry. This certificate should state that the animal is not affected by rabies. Current rabies inoculation should be given.

The International Pet Travel Requirements: Taking Pets outside The Country

One should known import requirements of the country to which they have planned to travel. Contacting the appropriate consulate is important international pet travel requirement. Export and health certifications are handled by USDA. International pet travel service agency could provide complete information.

The International Pet Travel Requirements: Travel Requirements Within The States

Every state has its own requirement for the entry of pets. Most of the state needs veterinary certificates and current rabies vaccination given

The International Pet Travel Requirements: Health Certificates Check List

Make sure that the paperwork is complete and accurate:
Is all the data on the document fair?
Are both health facility name and posting address provided and fair?
Is the full posting address for shipper/consigner included?
Is the full posting address for receiver/ consigner included?
Was state-of- terminus ´s actual import demands confirmed?
Was import permission obtained, if asked?
Are number, age, stock, and gender of animal(s) in the shipment pointed?
Is brucellosis inoculation position indicated for female cattle?
Whether inoculation is required or not, inoculation status must be provided.
Are lyssa inoculation particulars indicated for dogs and cats?
Lyssa inoculation latest?
Many states require yearly inoculation no matter of vaccine used.