The USDA has certain norms that should be followed by the travelers while traveling with their pets.

The USDA International Pet Travel: Travel Aboard
Always checkout with the country the pet is departing to and also pet hotel available in the country. Every country has their own set of conventions, some uncomplicated, some composite. Several U. S. Government Agencies have conventions for pet importees, particularly the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and units of USDA international pet travel.

Neither USDA international pet travel nor CDC needs a health documents for regular pet imports, but CDC needs proof of Rabies inoculation. CDC also has conventions regarding other imported animate being like horses, cats, turtles, bats, birds, snakes fish, monkeys, civets, rodents, rabbits and others.
USDA international pet travel will not allow alien contents such as native grass, earth, fresh meat, or vegetables to come in the country (plant and animal illness is the concern). Every State has its own demands for health and/or rabies inoculation documents. Some countries demand a health certificate and or substantiation of rabies inoculation signed by U. S. authorities.
The International Airline Transportation Association (IATA) has few useful data pertaining shipping of pets, admitting container size, pet passports for the European Union, etc:
There are companies that particularize in shipping pets. These lines of work are certified and audited by USDA/APHIS’s Animal Care Unit.
The USDA International Pet Travel:Scam Alerts
Listed below are reputable organizations that defrauders often, and incorrectly, claim association.
IATA (International Air Transport Association) is a multinational trade organization. Nearly all airlines ship animals. There are some scams aiming to be members of this shipping company.
IPATA (Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International) is an organization of master pet transporters who format for shipping of pets any place in the world. There are swindlers that intent to be members of this company. IPATA, as a company, does not ship pets. Their members do only under their possess company names.

Airline Approved Kennel: There are no pet shipping kennels that are sanctioned by any Airline, or IATA, or IPATA, or USDA international pet travel even if declared on the labels. Please make sure to buy the firmest and most safe kennel irrespective of misleading marking.
Tips on Selecting a Travel Container for the Pet:
Look for one that is assemble securely, e.g., interlocking bolts
Look for metallic doors rather than plastic.
Harder doors have 4 metallic poles that tighten the door to the container
Make sure doorway lock mechanism is secure and good
No wheels because airlines will not take a container with wheels
Airlines or Air shipping organizations do not certify containers. Statements such as “airline admitted” or “IATA sanctioned” are misguiding.